Activating and Deactivating volume groups

how to activate and deactivate volume group in linux

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how to activate and deactivate volume group in linux

When we create a new volume group by default it gets activated during creation so we can access all the logical volumes inside volume group and able to mount and start using.

Scenario like if these volume group is of replicated category and you have to perform DR you need to deactivate volume group from currently active production server and need to activate the volume group once you failover to DR and ready to mount file system on DR as part of your activity.

We are sharing here how you can deactivate volume group and reactivate .Your scenario may be different but commands still will be relevant.

There will be two scenario either you want to deactivate all the LV in system or particular as there may not be all the file system on server is replicated. It may have few non replicated file system lying on non-replicated storage.

Case 1 – Activating and Deactivating Volume Group System Wide

If you want to activate system wide - all VG including all LV in system.
#vgchange -a y
#vgchange -a y

Case 2 – Activating and Deactivating Specific Volume Group

If you want to activate specific volume groupwise  – all VG including all LV in system.

# vgchange -a n <vg>
# vgchange -a y <vg>

That’s it about activating and deactivating volume groups in Linux. Please have a look at other Redhat Linux related topics of your interest.

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