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Have your Spark T5-2 panicked? Are you in need of motherboard replacement in Spark T5-2 ?As per standard practice you will open case with your hardware vendor or oracle directly if you have direct support with them. OK so you opened case with your vendor and they have replaced motherboard and they have given you server back with factory default settings.

Will it work properly as earlier it might be hosting many ldoms as your server is running as control domain. Once you get server back online and you run basic command to see your ldoms configuration and see something like below.Which means you have lost all LDOM configuration.In this article we are discussing about how to restore domain configurations.

# ldm ls
primary          active     -n-c--  UART    256   511G     0.1%  0.1%  7m

What is this ? Where my ldoms gone .This was serving 20 ldoms . What to do next ?How you can restore your earlier ldoms configurations ?

This scenario has been observed after motherboard or so called system board replacement in spark T series servers running as CDOM. In this example CDOM is running with Solaris 11 and 20 ldoms are configured on it.

After analyzing the situation i got one of my old note related to this which I find still feasible and works like charm.So decided to share as it saved my day and avoided waste of many days to restore all the ldoms and keep business running.

spconfig facility takes backup of system configurations. As per standard practice administrators take spconfig backup before any configuration changes to ldom configurations.Also system keeps some autosaved versions of spconfig which is the real key in restoring the ldom configurations.Lets see how we can restore lost ldom configuration back and bring lost ldoms in business. Conceptual steps for how to
restore domain configurations after motherboard replacement on Spark T5-2 is as below.

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]Solaris 11 LDOM Recovery Procedure[/su_heading]

1.Lets see how we can get available list of autosaved configurations.Below 
command will provide list of autosaved configuration.
# ldm list-spconfig -r
061217 [newer]
080318 [newer]
090918 [newer]
200619 [newer]
20190914 [newer]
2.Add the latest available config with the help of autosave_config that is 
specified using below command.
# ldm add-spconfig -r 20190914
3.Now you can see new configuration which we have added using below.
# ldm list-spconfig
4.Shutdown the cdom server from OS side.
# shutdown -y -g0 -i0
5.Powercycle server from ILOM
>> reset /System
6.Connect back to console
>> start /HOST/console
7. At this moment once server is back online you are able to see the ldom 
configurations. Looking quite better hold on you can see ldoms started but
when you try to connect to it you can,t. guest domains usages zpools from 
which boot devices are created is not imported.
8.You can verify using below.
# zpool status
9.We have to import zpool use below command to import.
# zpool import
10.Validate again with zpool status command you will be able to see the zpool 
11.Stop all the ldoms using below.Use –f flag to forcibly stop ldom 
if needed.
# ldm stop <ldomname>
12.Start all the ldoms using below
# ldm start <ldomname>
13.Stop/start will place all ldoms to ok>> prompt.boot all ldoms and validate 
once online.

That,s it about how to restore domain configurations after motherboard replacement on 
Spark T5-2.You should be OK now.Thanks in advance to go through procedure 
outlined above.

||||| Cheers |||||

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