how to fix failover service group in vcs

how to fix failover service group in vcs

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[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”10″] how to fix failover service group in vcs [/su_heading]

In this article we are going to see how to fix failover service group in vcs. If you have failover group and becomes online or partially online on other node in cluster .We can adopt be,ow mentioned procedure to make service group online on needed node in cluster.

[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”10″] How to fix if SG is online on other node in VCS [/su_heading]

# hastatus -sum 

This will show summary of resources and shows that failover SG is online on other system.In case if you have any working previously saved hastatus -sum output which will really help to understand the difference.You can run below command to see the difference here.

# sdiff hastatus-sum.before hastatus-sum.current

Now you can run below command to validate value of state attribute.

# hagrp –display <SG>                  # Look for State Attribute

Then you can make service group offline in current node and make them online in primary node of cluster where it is supposed to be online.

# hagrp -offline <SG> -sys linsrv01     # Offline SG on other system.
# hagrp -online <SG> -sys linsrv02      # Online SG to Fail over system.
# hastatus -sum                         # Validate the SG status of cluster

That,s it about how to fix if failover service group is online on another system.

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